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Weaver #9: ​​​​​From family business to IBEX-35 multinational company

When you are able to grow a family business into an IBEX-35 corporate giant while remaining true to its essence and principles, you can consider that you have a legacy for the future. On this occasion, we bring you a weaver with extensive professional experience but at the same time with an affable personality and a desire to continue contributing to society.

Discover his story of success and experience, and how he continues to contribute from a more human side to the society that has given him so much !!!!


June 19, 2024 - 19:30 hours

 ​Hotel Roc Blanc, Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra

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Life is simple


"​​Every company is born, grows, develops and dies. It follows the same pattern as humans. I believe that Fluidra is in the reproduction stage. Therefore, the company is currently growing by incorporating new technologies. It is difficult to say how long each cycle lasts, but ours is developing right now.

If you had told me years ago about the company we have today, I would have told you it couldn't be. Today I go to the factories and I think I would have been incapable of doing everything that is there. This means that the human team is very important, which shows the capacity you must have to rely on specialized people to keep evolving.

For me, the generational change has been one of the things that has been most difficult to digest. A person like me who was in full activity at the age of 67, who felt strong and powerful and who felt that life was still very long... it was hard for him to reflect, to recognize that you are not eternal and, therefore, to start thinking about what you want your company to be tomorrow. The company was very dependent on me and I had to take a step to depersonalize it.

It almost cost me a depression. You have to reorganize your whole life. Think that you go from having a 150% activity to a 50% activity. There is a huge stretch that makes you rethink your way of life, your system of relationships with people... everything."

Joan Planes

A foundation is a very important element for all multinational companies, such as ours. When a company of that size has a foundation, it is difficult for it to have a return. We are always used to the idea that any investment must have a return, and it is difficult to see that in a foundation.
But I am convinced that it has a very important return of another kind. That is to say, what does the fact that you are likeable or dislikeable do? It means that you have a greater or lesser capacity to interrelate.
The company that has the capacity to open up by helping others is at a level that makes it friendly and gives the image that it is not a purely extractive company.

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