Invoicing and accounting

FacturaScripts, OpenSource at your service.

Easy and simple

Invoice and sell in an easy and simple way..

Accounting included

Perform your accounting in the same program at no cost.

Stock management

Manage your product inventories and create variations.


Manage different warehouses for your products and maintain their tracking.

Connect with your e-commerce

Create in the system the orders generated from your shopify or woocommerce e-commerce..


Users can work in their own language: English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, etc.


Increase functionality with extensions or through its API.


Different security layers implemented: SSL/TLS, backups, Waf, etc.

No usage fee

All these features are FREE. You pay only for the hosting of the application.

The easiest way to manage your business

Easy, simple and practical.

With a simple and clear interface get ready to work remotely and keep your team and clients up and running at any time. 

Stop losing time and money with complex financial solutions. 

Do not install anything

Manage your business from a browser without installing anything on your computer. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.


Use your laptop, tablet or phone to access the solution. Mobility without limits.

Added value

Why choose us?

  1. We are specialists in security. Would you leave your data in a hosting that does not care about security?
  2. We collaborate with the project providing new extensions and improvements to the Core of the solution.
  3. These solutions are the ones we use internally to manage our business. We know them very well.
  4. We have many years of experience working with OpenSource solutions.
  5. We help our customers to adapt the solution to their processes and not the other way around.

Our plugins


Allows to display the Swift code associated to bank accounts in invoices and other documents where the IBAN of the bank account is specified.

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Plug-in that allows you to massively change the price of the products of the different families. More than 200 products can be changed in an instant.

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FacturaScripts hosting plans

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.


20 € / month*

25 € / month** 
(monthly payment)
  • 1 Gb storage
  • 2 users maximum
  • Email support
  • Adaptation to the PGC of Andorra
  • Andorran taxes added


38 € / ​month*

45 € / month** 
(monthly payment)
  • 3 Gb storage
  • 5 users maximum
  • Phone support (first month) + Email support
  • Free plugins installation
  • Adaptation to the PGC of Andorra
  • Andorran taxes added


55 € / ​month*

70 € / month** 
(monthly payment)
  • 5 Gb storage
  • Unlimited users
  • CRM
  • Phone and email support
  • Company logo
  • Customized domain name
  • Installation of plugins on demand
  • Adaptation to the PGC of Andorra
  • Andorran taxes added
* ​​Annual subscription. Annual amount paid at the beginning of the subscription. Taxes not included.
** ​​Annual subscription. Amount paid monthly. Taxes not included.

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