EspoCRM,  ​your sales team's lifeline

Full sales flow implemented

Manage leads, accounts and contacts easily.

Track the activity

Do not leave any call, email or meeting unrecorded and share with the team what is of interest.

Email client included

Link emails directly from the application to your customers. Don't miss a single detail !!!

Ticketing service

Customer and commercial incidents are not a problem with the ticketing functionality.

Connect your CRM

Send events to other systems or capture leads with your API and web portals.


Users can work in their own language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


Increase functionality with extensions or through its API.


Different security layers implemented: SSL/TLS, backups, Waf, role management, etc.

No usage fee

All these features are FREE. You pay only for the hosting of the application.

Added value

Why choose us?

  1. We are specialists in security. Would you leave your data in a hosting that does not care about security?
  2. These solutions are the ones we use internally to manage our business. We know them very well.
  3. We have many years of experience working with OpenSource solutions.
  4. We help our customers to adapt the solution to their processes and not the other way around.
The easiest way to manage your business

Easy, simple and practical.

With a simple and clear interface get ready to work remotely and keep your sales team and clients up and running at any time.

Stop losing time and money with complex CRM solutions. 


Use your laptop, tablet or phone to access the solution. Mobility without limits.

Do not install anything

Manage your business from a browser without installing anything on your computer. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

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