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Weaver #6: ​​Communication and uncertainty

The world of media has many aspects that go unnoticed by those outside the industry. The uncertainty of when you are going back to work, the times in which we live and self-censorship are just some of the aspects that go unnoticed.

Get to know the story of this experienced communicator and learn from his experiences in the world of communication, press, radio and television !!!!


March 20, 2024 - 19:30 hours

 ​Hotel Roc Blanc, Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra

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When you take on a project with enthusiasm, everything is different.


"​​In a small country, journalists, in a way, are more conditioned when it comes to reporting. It's an environment where everyone knows everyone else. In any case, freedom of expression is currently very biased. Each media outlet sets its own rules. In this environment, it is not always necessary to give an opinion on everything, sometimes it is better to pause and put the handbrake on, because it is necessary to be intelligent, not only to ask questions but also to answer them.

I feel very fortunate to live in Andorra, for how you live and for the security in which you live. I am the one who is adapting to the country and not the country to me."

Sergi Mas

Social networks are causing the magic of radio to be lost. Who hasn't been surprised when they have seen the face of their favorite announcer? That in many cases has generated disappointment and in other cases joy.

I believe that radio has a therapeutic aspect, because even if you don't know the announcer, you trust that person, because radio generates that complicity and trust with the listener.

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