Solutions to manage your business

Tools with benefits

With many important features, we guarantee simplicity and clarity.

No license for use

The selected tools are OpenSource with no license per use. You only pay for the hosting of the tool.

Access with your browser

Access through your web browser from anywhere in the world and from any device. Easy and simple!

Secure environment

Access protected by SSL/TLS with digital certificates and security solutions to increase the security of the environment.

Customize the domain

Customize the solution to reside on your own domain to enhance your brand image.


Backups to protect your data against accidental loss or other problems.

Enhance functionalities

There are many plugins that extend their basic functionalities and if they don't exist, we will create them for you!


Questions our customers ask us

Is there a license fee?

No. Neither the billing and accounting solution nor the CRM solution have a license fee. You only pay for the hosting of the solution and for those extra components that the solutions have for a fee.

What is the hosting cost? 

The tools we offer need a server where they are hosted to be accessible from anywhere in the world. The hosting cost covers, depending on the contracted plan, the space reserved for your tool, as well as the services included in those plans such as backups and extended security tools.

Does the billing solution include the accounting tool?

Yes, the invoicing program includes accounting with no additional cost.

Can I extend or modify the solutions?

The solutions we offer have extensions that complement the basic functionality of the solution. Some of these extensions are free and others are fee-based. If you do not find what you are looking for, we can develop what you need.

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